Being an independent author isn't easy.  I wanted an editor and an agent. I tried for a few years, but not one wanted me.  Each rejection wasn't even personal.  It was an automatic letter they would send out.  Yeah, I would have loved to have someone polish my books up and make them reader ready, but life isn't always like that.  You try your fucken hardest to do the best you can with what you got.  Do I have the money for a proofreader? No. I tried looking for one, but they cost more than my mortgage payment.  An editor? Are you crazy! They cost the same amount as a used car.  Indie authors go out there and read and reread and have others read their stories, until you hate the damn thing.  It’s not as easy as one thinks. 

 I love to write and each story I write scares the living crap out of me.  I don't have anywhere to go or hide. What you read, is what you get, without a set a professional eyes to tell me it's good.    Please try to take indie authors with a grain of salt.  They are thousands of books that suck, but there are a few diamonds in the rough that are just wonderful to read.   The most popular ones have had the worst editing and yes I have read my fair share of books, even published ones have mistakes. 

    Now that being said, yes I will try my hardest to learn and get my stuff out there the best I can. I appreciated the constructive criticism and I'm thankful to all of you.
    I'm honestly grateful for some of these powerful reviews that I've been getting.  My Most Precious One was a story that wanted to be written.  I'm only a storyteller, I person who sits down and wants to share an adventure or a drama or even a romance.  Who am I kidding? Let's face it. They are romances with some serious sexy parts. lol. ;-)

    I did intentionally want to write more about Lexi and Lukas. I loved them both and had a hard time letting them go, but when I finished the book, that's when the story ended.  If I had gone further, I felt like I would somehow dilute their love and lose who they were in the process. 

    Come February/March, My Guardian Angel should be ready to be published.  I'm in the beta reading stages now with my crazy book loving cousin. 

Kassia and Jason crept into my mind in July and two months later, I had finished the book. As I wait for my beta reading cousin, I'm finishing up my first book in a trilogy I'm writing.  Yes, it’s yet again, another sexy billionaire story, but with my twists and turns.  

I am also rereleasing my very first book, Memoirs of an Immortal.  I took it down and wanted to polish it the best I could. It’s a fantasy romance about an immortal in ancient Greece.  Where Lexi and Lukas are my heart, Psykhe is my soul. Her journey is so crazy. I still hardly know where it’s going to take me.

I truly love all the support I'm getting. Thank you all for taking a leap and reading my stories.



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    I was born and raised in Montreal Canada and I currently live with my husband who at times drives me nuts. I've been going to Concordia University for over ten years as a Classical Civilization and Linguistic student. The pull to the ancient world was too great for me to let go, so I continue my education so I could feel closer to the world I identifies with.
    I read nonstop devouring books like its food, loving the feeling of being lost in a world that another author has created.


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