As promised here are the last two books of the With Me series by Kristen Proby.

Play With Me was one of the funniest book in the series hands down. It's about a nurse named Meg and Will who's a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Honestly one of her better books. There isn't much conflict, unless you call a girl who can't say the L bomb an issue. There's a nice mix of chemistry and friendship between the two that makes you want to read more about them.

Rock with me is a little different even though I liked it, it was my least favorite only because I felt like it was rushed through. Yes there were sexy scenes but the fact that Samantha, who's the female lead, guards herself and acts like a bitch because of her famous brother, wasn't enough for me to empathize with her. So her brother is famous(it's Luke from the first book) so what? So is Leo, who's the rock star she stared dating.
Don't let my neg stir you in the wrong path, both are great but each of us will have our favorite.

Pick one, any one (I'd start with the first but it's up to you) just pick up a book and read. There's nothing like being transported to another world by an awesome author.

Play with Me, for you since you were an awesome little read will be 9 out of 10 erotic books.
As for Rock with Me, sorry babe, i liked you but not as much.... 7 out of 10 erotic books.

Happy reading!!!


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