Now That you have the With Me Series and you’ve probably read them all in one sitting, I now suggest Jessica Clare, The Billionaire Boys Club. She only has one book out of the series but it was a great read. I liked the way it was set up, (I’m trying really hard not to give too much of it away).

It starts off with the main female character Bronte (BTW nice touch on the author’s part) who gets stranded with who she believes is a manger named Logan in the Bahamas. Not going to lie when I read the snippet I was excited to read it. Stranded on a deserted island with an Alpha male, is just what a girl needs. Bronte finds out the truth but Logan and with his alpha male personality he fights hard to get her back.

It was fun and an easy read, not to heart wrenching or too much soul searching but an effortless read nonetheless. The author gears you up for the next book by introducing Gretchen and one of the other billionaires that is horribly scarred. It kind of has the Beauty and the Beast theme to it and well I have a soft spot for tortured souls. The title you guessed it, Beauty and the Billionaire, very apropos. It’s coming out on July the 16th so look out for it. The third one should be coming out in October, I'm literately giddy. I’ll write a quick review on the two other books as I read them

How shall i rate you?!

An 8 out of ten erotic books

Happy reading!!!!


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