I realize that there are those out there that may be wary of indie authors and their books but I assure you that those who do take this seriously spend a lot of time and effort to bring out the best possible story so that it can entertain you.  Understand that there will be spelling mistakes and grammatical errors but I haven't yet read one book that has been published that I haven't found a mistaken in. 

So be fair and understanding, a few slip ups shouldn't frighten you away from a good book.
That being said lets start the blog with one of the best indie authors out there, Kristen Proby. The woman is an awesome indie author that has the "With me in Seattle" series, which are on Amazon.  Each book gets progressively better than the next as she grows as an author.

The first book is called "Come Away With Me" and is about a local Seattle photographer Natalie who meets a big name celebrate Luke Williams. Nat is strong, loving and knows what she wants. Luke is drawn to her but hesitates due to his famous background. The book is fun, hilarious and a great quick read. It's worth the time to take a look and see what it's all about.

What's great about this series is that each book deals with a character that the author has already introduced in the previous books. You get to see the growth, and expansion of your most fave characters. Mine are Jules and Nate, in "Fight With Me"

It's honestly the book that got me hooked on the author.
It's about Jules, a tenacious, smart mouth tough chick who slept with her boss, Nate the perfect tattooed alpha male. Not to give too much away but damn was a good story to read.
Yes granted I couldn't really fall for the 'they slept once and she avoided him successfully for a year' scenario but let me tell you it was a great introduction to Kristen's world...
Do I suggest it as an awesome summer read? Yes I do!!! Trust me once you buy one of her books you'll be wanting to read the rest.
There are two more books in the series, Play with me and Rock with me. Which I'll be talking about tomorrow.

Until tomorrow happy reading and enjoy the one day of summer with a steamy hot book and nice pitcher of sangria... Yeah I said pitcher!!!

Come Away with Me..... the first book in the series... 8 out of 10 erotic books
Fight with Me, i loved you the most so a hot and steamy 10 out of 10 erotic books



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