I hope that most of you are gearing up for the third and finally installment to Jodi Ellen Malpas' This Man series.  I have to say I call them my guilt pleasure series.  The story is long winded and the protagonist at times is annoying and I seriously want to reach over and slap her silly.  The story itself doesn't make much sense.  A small spoiler why?  Jesse whose the main guy has been stealing her birth control pills in the hopes of getting her pregnant. In my opinion a very passive aggressive way of making sure someone stays with you.  She somehow figures it out and get this, doesn't get mad. I'm sitting in front of my computer seriously contemplating whether or not I should write about a few other spoilers but I wont.

Jodi took a chance on writing and became an over night sensation in the ebook world and good for her.  She seems to be an awesome woman who had a great story to tell.  I like it don't get me wrong but I do think that some of the plot devices in the book were messy.

Jesse was the atypical Alpha male with a secret, which wasn't much of one to say the least. Well not one for me anyhow.  Who goes straight for the girl he wants, Ava.  It was a lot of cat and mouse, yes i want you no i don't from her, which drove me mad.  But when they do finally get together it nice a steamy.  a very hot and sizzling romance, with the right kind of dysfunctional that I think most people like. 
Now how would I rate this? 10 being the best and 1 being a snooze........hmmm

A solid 7 erotic books out of 10.
Seriously the man stole her birth control pills and she didn't get mad... that i could not for the life of me buy it.

Happy reading!!!


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