Delicious is the third installment of the Wicked Lovers series.  Luc is a world famous chef who makes a deal with Alyssa who's was a stripper now business owner into having a threesome with him and his cousin Deke.  After six hours, yes six hours of mind blowing sex, Luc agrees to be her head chef in her new restaurant.  The main story is like all the rest of her books.  They make their way through figuring out how much they love each other despite their trust issues.  The story is great to read.  There's family trauma on Alyssa's part and Luc's secret, that Kimber (from the previous book) lets slip causing the break up. Don't worry like all great erotic books they do get back together.  The main point of the book is the sex.  WOW! The sex is over the top good, I literary had to book the book down and cool myself off. 

Great read, fun and sexy story

You are a 10 out of 10 erotic books!!!


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