Shayla Black is for me one of the best erotica authors out there. The woman has a way to make an alpha male seem both strong and dominate but loving and caring... A weird combo but it works.  Plus it helps that she's the queen of ménages. I stumbled across her books when I was bored one day trying to figure out which author to read. Her Wicked Lovers series was highly recommended so I picked up the first book of the series called Wicked Ties. 

Morgan O'Malley is a fun character being that she's a sex talk show host. She decides to meet up with a well known Dom from the underground scene named Jack Cole, upon meeting she and Jack are shot at by her stalker. He offers to protect her by taking her to his cabin and that's where things begin to heat up...... Hmm secluded cabin + risk of danger x an alpha male bodyguard(plus alpha male's friend) + a slow delectate dance of seduction= very sexy and unforgettable scenes that can make you wet with anticipation.

It was a great read... Perfect combo of fun and sex with a touch of exaggerated danger. 

How shall I rate you?!?!?
9 out of 10 erotic books
Jack Cole can come save me any day !!!


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