So Decadent is the second book of the her Wicked Lovers series.  A virgin and two very experienced alpha males...Yummy. Kimber wants to learn about sex since she's a virgin who wants to date a rock star and is afraid that her inexperience will not entice him enough.  She seeks out Deke who worked for her father as a bodyguard for help, little does she know that Deke and Luc are all about threesomes. Not going to give too much away but Deke needs Luc there and Luc has his own motives to have Deke.  Kimber ends up falling for our main alpha, very delicious and scrumptious Deke and ends up forgetting her original plan about the douchbag rock star. 

Shayla Black has a way to bring you into her books and let you enjoy her characters most private moments.

how shall i rate you my little Decadent book?
8 out of 10 erotic books


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