You give me Fever, when you touch me fever when you hold me tight....

Ah Jace Crestwell a complicated animal who only has threesome with his other partner Ash Mclntyre, until he meets one he doesn't want to share.  both men do end up sleeping with her but he ends up keeping her for himself, explaining that he wants to basically control every thing about her(just a tad too controlling in my opinion but hey she was willing.  From her clothes to her food Jace controlled everything.)

Bethany being a recovering drug addict has her own story with her foster brother thrown in the mix.  Jace goes all Rambo to protect her from her foster brother and his druggy ways which freaks her out a bit.  Their story was a bit melodramatic and over to top but I did finish it anyways and was quietly anticipating Ash's story which BTW I got last night through the mail.  So I'm off the read Ash's story I'll let you all know some how it turns out. 

my rating for thee
7 out of the erotic books



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