Sorry for the slight hiatus, a girl sometimes needs to take a break. It's almost a month now that my first novel as been out, and it's nice getting such awesome reviews.

Now onto the review on Surrender to Me.  Shayla Black's fourth book in the Wicked Lovers series 

Hunter our alpha man extraordinaire is on leave from the navy seals from a bullet wound he got on active duty.  Doesn't he already sound yummy?!? He goes off to Vegas with his douchbag friend for the bday of a hot beautiful mouthy woman named Kata. Hunter instantly knows she wants to be a submissive but she doesn't give him the satisfaction. One hot drunken night and Kata wakes up married to our Mr. Hunter. He pushes her beyond her limits, which she fights with him at every turn.  To be honest she slightly annoyed me, she knows she loves it but because her mom is with an abusive Ahole, she can't help but think Hunter wants to control her just like her mom's boyfriend. 
Hunter  is perfect, loving, protective, and strong virile Dom. What more would a girl want?!?

How should you be rated?
8 out of ten erotic books 
Only cause Kata was annoying, (she did however win me over in the end) 

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