Maya Banks did it again with a wonderful sexy series, which deals with three hot alpha males who are all billionaires.  Each book deals with their story on finding love and a very willing partner. 

Book one called Rush is about Gabe Hamilton, a quiet domineering man who takes what he wants when he wants it and right now that is Mia Crestwell the younger sister of his partner Jace.  Since she was young Mia has had very sexy dreams about Gabe and now that she's all grown up Gabe can't seem to take his mind off of her.  Maya Banks was able to bring these two together and let them live out their fantasies for each other.  It was a sensual read with a bit of a let down on how they parted but it was building up to it so you knew what was coming. Don't worry the alpha male always gets his girl in the end.  The writing was fabulous whereby making the reading tireless and easy.  Maya Banks seriously knows how to write and envelop you into the feelings of the characters she writes about.

how shall i rate thee?
9 out of 10 erotic books


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