So I read the second installment of Jessica Clare's Billionaire Boy's club.  what to say?  I LOVED IT!! It was a fantastic read, especially after the previous book I read, THIS MAN CONFESSED.  The story picks up from the first book where Hunter Buchanan overhears our leading lady Gretchen Petty speak about how she would pick a man over his brain and not his looks. "I'd rather have a man who isn't in love with his own reflection than one who needs hair products or designer labels." Her words were music to the ears of Hunter who was horrible disfigured on one side of his face.  Besides his Billionaire boys club he lives his life alone in his grand mansion, dealing with the world around him in the most loneliest way possible.   

He comes up with an elaborate plan to bring Gretchen to his home and have her stay there for a month where he can get to know her.  Little does he realize that Gretchen is unpredictable and makes their arrangement fair from tame.  She finds herself intrigued by Hunter and his eccentric ways and can't help but want to get to know him better. 

I loved the story, it dealt with Gretchen dealing with the lose of her passion for writing and wanting more, her desire for Hunter and his unquenchable need to have her.  This is a no brainier BUY IT! its funny and the build up is just perfect.

How shall I rate thee?
10 out of 10 erotic books


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